Aienid Stainless Steel Bracelet for Men Bangle for Women Cross The Honor of Knight Mesh Chain Silver 21CM Adjustable

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Product description

Bracelet material: Stainless Steel

This lovely bracelet made of Stainless Steel, which is hypoallergenic, suitable for any type of skin. Coupled with its unique design, making the bracelet more refined and more brilliant, creating a unique style, fashion and personality.

Stainless Steel Bracelet is good for Your Body:

1. By adjusting the current, relaxation spirit, improve motor function.
2. By adjusting the local energy, so that muscle relaxation.
3. By stimulating blood flow to help clear the blood flow caused by pain and fatigue factors.
4. To alleviate the symptoms of bursitis, sciatica, headache, arthritis and premenstrual syndrome and other symptoms have a significant effect.

Service for you:

We provide 30 days money back guarantee.If you have any problem about our product or service, welcome to contact us. Looking forward to your feedback,this will be our infinite motivation to move foreard. Thank you!
♦Stainless steel: corrosion-resistant and high temperature, no fade, no deformation, nickle free; ♦ Length: 16.5-21cm;Width: 1cm;
♦Chivalry: itself is an honor, chivalry spirit and eight virtues is a belief and demeanor of a man, representing the pursuit of faith and freedom, keeping promise, fearless, is the honor of a man;
♦Cross bracelet also means “salvation, faith, the gospel”, getting the blessing of Jesus, like a knight to protect everyone, suitable for the expression between lovers, can also be used for meaning the mentality of elderly of protecting the younger generation, or the blessing of younger generation to the elders;
♦Daily maintenance note: Avoiding chemical corrosion; do not do strenuous exercise, speep or do housework; Keep it in Jewelry bag or box when no useing;
♦Service for you: 30 Days return and refund, any conerns, please feel free to contact us, 100% Service guarantee. ♦ Your Feedback will be our motivations to improve.




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